Sunday, January 29, 2012


Oficiala sau nu, purtand un nume aparte sau nu… fiecare zi poate fi o sarbatoare. Cata vreme bucuria intalnirii si-a impartasirii lucrurilor simple sunt cele ce ne aduc laolalta. 
Va multumesc tuturor!


Official or not, bearing a particular name or not... each day may be a celebration. Just as long as the joy of meeting each other and sharing simple things are those to bring us together.
Thank you all!

  • prosop alb din bumbac 100% 
  • margini crosetate manual cu ata de bumbac (Perle cotton no. 5)
  • panglica cu stelute argintii aplicata
  • puncte folosite: french knot si running stitch
  • pret: 66.5 lei

  • 100% cotton white napkin 
  • hand crocheted borders using Perle Cotton no.5 
  • silver stars ribbon applique
  • stitches used: French knot and running stitch
  • price: 16 Euro