Saturday, May 12, 2012

no story

nici o poveste pentru broderiile de astazi. doar cateva imagini, o sambata insorita si un cantec. fiti fericiti!
no story for today's embroidery. only a few images, a sunny Saturday and a song. be happy!

Francis Cabrel - Je t'aimais, je t'aime et je t'aimerai


  • set format din doua suporturi de masa si doua suporturi de pahar, asortate
  • fata dubla din bumbac 100% cu buzunar pentru tacamuri aplicat
  • broderie manuala "buchet de grau si flori de camp", cu ata de bumbac Coats Perle Cotton no8 si flori din nasturi aplicati
  • puncte folosite: punct de ramurica
  • pret: 86 lei/set - Vandut.


  • set of two 100% cotton double sided placemats with assorted coasters 
  • decorative applique pocket for cutlery
  • hand embroidery with "wheat and field flowers bouquet" pattern, using cotton thread Coats Perle Cotton no8,  and buttons applique flowers
  • used stitches: stem stitch
  • price: 20.5 euro/set - Sold.


Lia said...

Setul asta nici nu are nevoie de cuvinte .
E superb !
Ce dragute sunt floricelele din nasturasi . :)

Jana said...

simply great, so creative and practical! love your nature-realted inspiration...merci b pour la belle chancon aussi:-) sunny smiles from the Netherlands!

roxana said...

Multumesc! Setul asta a picat cu tronc multora. :) E si unul dintre preferatele mele.

roxana said...

Hello, Jana!
Greetings and warm wishes from Romania's seaside! I appologize for the extremely belated answer, I do not know why blogger only listed your comment today... Must be some error in my settings. I've tried to correct it and hope this won't happen again in the future.
I'm very happy you liked this set and thank you for your warm appreciation! I do like to inspire from nature, I think it's the best source for beauty and simplicity.