Sunday, March 11, 2012


... un rest de panglica, intre multe altele, pe-o taraba in piata.
o zi calda si insorita si...
asta e ceea ce-a iesit!

... a ribbon end, among many others, sold at the market.
a warm, sunny day and...
this is what it came out!

Cesaria Evora - Jardim Prometido


  • prosop alb de bumbac 100%
  • panglica aplicata pe margini
  • broderie manuala, cu flori crosetate aplicate din bumbac Perle Cotton no 5
  • puncte folosite: french knot si chain stitch
  • pret: 46.5 lei


  • 100% white cotton napkin
  • applique ribbon on the edges
  • hand embroidered with crocheted flowers applique using Perle Cotton no 5
  • used stitches: French knot and shain stitch
  • price: 11 Euro

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