Sunday, March 31, 2013

Perseverance / Perseverenta

"Life isn't worth living unless you are forced to defend it now and then. Therefore you haven't truly tasted success unless you've picked yourself up after failure has knocked you down, as many times as it takes, until you accomplish what you've set out to do"
(The lesson of Perseverance - Wowacintaka, in "The Lakota Way" by Joseph M. Marshall III)

Today I found myself thinking about these words, facing the almost-summer outside when only four days ago we were dealing with heavy snow and freezing temperatures. I found it quite difficult to adapt, mostly because this is isn't the first time this month when weather goes from one extreme to another, and I only thought of the fragile flowers already in bloom the other days, eager to welcome this... twisted springtime. Among the few blades of grass, only sweet violets were still peeping their heads out of the cold earth. Strong, persevering, yet so delicate!... 

 Confruntandu-ma cu aproape vara de afara, dupa ce cu doar patru zile in urma ne luptam cu zapada si temperaturi sub limita inghetului, mi-au venit in minte cuvintele de mai sus. Mi-a fost greu sa ma adaptez de la -16 la +20 de grade Celsius, cu atat mai mult cu cat nu este prima trecere de la o extrema la alta din luna martie. Si m-am gandit la florile deja desfacute, din spatiile verzi, nerabdatoare sa intampine primavara asta... sucita. Printre putinele fire de iarba, doar toporasii isi mai iteau capetele din pamantul inca rece. Puternici, perseverenti si, totusi, atat de delicati!...

Sacred Spirit - Yeha Noha (Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity)

  • Set de 6 suporturi pentru pahare
  • Dimensiuni aprox. 11.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Fata din doc alb, cu floare aplicata din fetru lila si broderie manuala cu ata neagra de bumbac Perle Cotton no8, iar spatele din olandina lila
  • Puncte folosite: punct de ramurica si punct de nodulet
  • Pret: 50 lei
  • Set of 6 fabric coasters
  • Size approx 11.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Front side of white duck, with applique lilac felt flower and black hand embroidery using cotton thread Perle Cotton no8; back side of Holland-like lilac 100% cotton fabric
  • Used stitches: stem stitch and French knot stitch
  • Price: 11.5 Euros

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